is the pairing of Sikowitz and Trina (Trin/a and Si/kowitz). The following only shows the friendship interactions between them, since the romantic relationship would be illegal.

Season 1 Moments

The Diddly-Bops

  • Sikowitz and Trina are both a part of the new Diddly Bops group.

Season 2 Moments

Tori Gets Stuck

  • Sikowitz casts Trina as one of the speaking roles in his play, showing that he thinks she has potential, or Trina persuaded him to cast her.
  • Sikowitz allows Trina to go visit Robbie in the hospital.
  • Sikowitz tells Trina to learn to cough more believably, as he wants her to expand her acting abilities.
  • Trina goes so far as to actually contract tuberculosis in order to cough properly, showing her dedication to not only her role but to Sikowitz's direction.
  • Sikowitz understudies Tori's character, who saves Trina's character.

Locked Up

  • Sikowitz and Trina go to the chancellor together, just the two of them, to ask him to free Tori.
  • Sikowitz hides behind Trina and puts his hand on her shoulder.
  • Trina shoves Sikowitz toward where the chancellor wants them to go.
  • Trina is excited to see Sikowitz when he appears outside the jail with a plan to free them.
  • In the end, Trina runs off with everyone to Sikowitz's truck.

Tori Tortures Teacher

  • Trina tells Tori that if she wants to do something nice for Sikowitz she should take him to see "a really good" play.