Trinjin is the pairing of Trina Vega and Sinjin Van Cleef (Trin/a and Sin/jin). One of the only plots that include


Shipped Characters:

Trina Vega and Sinjin Van Cleef



Relationship Status:


Ship Rivals:

Shina, Trendle, Trinkowitz (Friendship)

Trinjin is in the episode, Prom Wrecker. When Trina wants to become Prome Queen with the help of Sinjin, but to do so she must be Sinjin's date to Prome. The episode shows that Sinjin might have a crush on Trina due to his asking her to be his date to Prome for his reward.


There are many similarities between Trina and Sinjin. (These are only similarities, not necessarily proof that they like each other.

  • They are both disliked by most people and labeled as "weird."
  • How they got into Hollywood Arts was unknown.
  • Both use and love a vibrating hairbrush.
  • Both get their feet bleached by Foon-Yee.
  • They both wear blue clothing to Tori's "prome".