Rane is the pairing of Robbie and Lane (R/obbie and L/ane). Another name for this ship is Lobbie (L/ane and R/obbie). This is only to discuss the friendship or student-counselor relationship between them, not the romantic relationship, as this ship would be illegal.

Season 1 MomentsEdit

The Bird SceneEdit

  • Robbie (and André) helps Lane remove a squirrel from his office using nuts and a net.
  • This seems to be a reoccurring thing.

Beck's Big BreakEdit

  • Lane helps Robbie with his nightmares.
  • Lane helps Robbie stand up to Rex.
  • Lane gives Robbie a big cookie.
  • Robbie accepts what Lane says as good advice.
  • Though the cookie had gluten, Robbie ate it, knowing that Lane helped him psychologically.
  • Lane asks Robbie, "What's wrong?" when he sees Robbie getting sick.
  • Lane seems to feel bad when he sees Robbie getting sick from the gluten.

The WoodEdit

  • After Lane tells the kids that there will be an audition aftervschool in the black box theater, Robbie turns, smiling at him and says something that no one else can hear.
  • Lane squirts Trina with more lotion than he does to Robbie.
  • Robbie immediately agrees to do what Lane tells him, even though Trina tried to protest.
  • Lane seems glad that Robbie did not try to argue with him.

Season 2 MomentsEdit

Who Did It to Trina?Edit

  • Robbie goes to Lane's office.
  • Lane asks about Robbie's version of the story.
  • Robbie tells Rex that he had to lie to cover for him, showing that he felt guilty about lying to Lane and the others.