Minor Minor Ships are the ships that are too minor to be considered a real ship. Most of them involve inanimate objects. This page is mostly for fun.

Boffee (Beck+Coffee)Edit

Season 1 MomentsEdit

Joffee (Jade+Coffee)Edit

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Badoffee (Beck+Jade+Coffee)Edit

Chade (Chair+Jade)Edit

Chori (Chair+Tori)Edit

Mr. Catneck (Cat+Mr. Longneck)Edit

Skat Store (Sky Store+Cat)Edit

Season 1 MomentsEdit


  • Cat excitedly shows her friends her snow machine from SkyStore.
  • Cat screams when she has to part with her SkyStore Catalog.
  • Cat has an extra copy of the SkyStore Catalog.

Androcolate (Andre+Chocolate Beverages)Edit

Sink Puppets (Sinjin+Sock Puppets)Edit

TheSlap MomentsEdit

Sock puppets

Becricket (Beck+Cricket)Edit

Season 3 MomentsEdit

A Christmas ToriEdit

  • The cricket keeps Beck up all night.
  • Beck talks about the cricket through out the whole entire episode.

Tramera (Trina+Camera)Edit

Season 1 MomentsEdit

Freak the Freak OutEdit

  • Trina sets her camera on multi-shot and does a series of poses in front of it.

Andretchup (Andre+Ketchup)Edit


Season 1 MomentsEdit


  • Andre is shown as having a ketchup problem on Robarazzi.

Sikoconuts (Sikowitz+Coconuts)Edit

Season 1 MomentsEdit

The Bird SceneEdit

  • It is revealed that coconut milk gives Sikowitz visions.

Lantion (Lane+Lotion)Edit

Robale Makeup (Robbie+Male Makeup)Edit

Sinjairbrush (Sinjin+Hair brush)Edit

Season 1 MomentsEdit

Tori the ZombieEdit

  • Sinjin dances with the vibrating hairbrush.

Cap It! (Cat and Tap It!) Edit

Toramily Pot Pie (Tori and Family Pot Pie) Edit