Cane is the pairing of Cat and Lane (C/at and L/ane). The following is only to discuss the friendship and student-counselor relationship between them, as any romantic relationship would be illegal.

Season 1 Moments


  • Lane talks to Cat about her problem with Sky Store, but gets distracted by her tennis ball cleaner and her tennis racket.
  • Cat shows Lane her new items excitedly.

Beck's Big Break

  • Cat is adamant about Robbie going to see Lane about his dreams, showing that she trusts him to help her friends.
  • Cat told Robbie that Lane helped her with a lot of her problems.

Cat's New Boyfriend

  • Lane yells at Tori for spraying Cat (and Daniel) with hot cheese.

Season 2 Moments

Tori Gets Stuck

  • Rex tells Lane that there's a car parked in Robbie's butt, and Cat is part of the group that goes to visit Robbie at the hospital.

Helen Back Again

  • Lane claps for Cat's juggling.
  • Lane smiles widely when Cat starts the juggling portion of her audition.

Who Did It to Trina?

  • Lane interviews Cat (along with Robbie, Jade, Tori, Andre and Rex.)
  • Lane looks at Cat with an odd expression after she has her flashback.

Moments from Other Programs

IParty with Victorious

  • Lane helps Cat communicate with others while she can't talk by giving her a talking headband that works by bluetooth to use until her voice gets better.
  • Cat excitedly starts to tell Lane about what her brother did.
  • Though Lane doesn't want to hear Cat's explanation of what her brother did, he nicely tells her, "Well, I don't need to know everything."

TheSlap Hints

  • Cat leaves a message on Lane's page that says,"Hi Lane!" with a smiley emoticon.
  • Cat and Lane have the following conversation on TheSlap:

Lane: I want to see some creativity in this year's costume contest or you're disqualified. Just wearing cat ears IS NOT a costume!

Cat: But I always wear cat ears!

Cat: Get it?

Cat: Cuz my name is Cat and I have ears… Cat ears!