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Ankowitz is the friendship pairing of André Harris and Erwin Sikowitz. (An/dré Harris + Si/kowitz) This is a student-teacher relationship. The romantic pairing will never happen in the show because of the large age difference and illegality of a potential relationship.

Ankowitz MomentsEdit

Season 1Edit


  • Sikowitz picks André to choose a situation for the Improv game.
    File:Ankowitz!! =D.jpg
  • While explaining Alphabet Improv, Sikowitz puts his hands on the back of André's chair, and calls André's contribution to the conversation "Lovely", yet says it in a slightly sarcastic way.
  • André is chosen to help explain Alphabet Improv.
  • Sikowitz lets André leave class to go after Tori.
  • Sikowitz sends Cat and Robbie after André when he doesn't return to class either.

The Great Ping Pong ScamEdit

  • Both André and Sikowitz are involved in the scam.
  • Sikowitz and André sit next to each other during dinner.
  • Sikowitz sneaks back into the restaurant so that he can listen to André's (along with Tori) performance.
  • Sikowitz enjoys André's (along with Tori's) performance.
  • Sikowitz keeps putting his arm or hand on the back of Andre's chair.

Freak the Freak OutEdit

  • Sikowitz had André to perform a scene for the class.
  • André cheers for Sikowitz's performance at Karaoke Dokie.
  • After Sikowitz imitates Flashdance, André runs (along with the rest of the students) to hug him.

Rex DiesEdit

  • Sikowitz chooses André to be one of his leads in his play.
  • André asks Sikowitz about his play.

The Diddly-BopsEdit

File:IMG 0256.png
  • Sikowitz chooses André to be a part of the money-making band.
  • André ultimately writes the song that the band sings.
  • Sikowitz sings along to André's song.

Sleepover at Sikowitz'sEdit

  • Sikowitz has André participate in the method acting challenge at his house.

Season 2Edit

Beck Falls for ToriEdit

  • Sikowitz agreed with André that Tori should not be afraid to do the stunt.
File:Screen shot 2011-03-17 at 9.10.14 PM.png

Tori Gets StuckEdit

File:MRS.S , Trina, and Andre !.jpg
  • André is the lead in Sikowitz's play.
  • Sikowitz allows André to go visit Robbie in the hospital.
  • Sikowitz and André act opposite each other as the two leads in the play when Tori cannot perform.

Locked UpEdit

  • Sikowitz finds André a doctor (although the best he can do is the 11 year old son of the official doctor).
  • Sikowitz stays with the sick André while the doctor's son cares for him (before the performance).
  • Sikowitz asks the doctor if André is going to be okay.

Helen Back AgainEdit

  • Sikowitz smiles and applauds for André (and Tori's) performance.
  • Sikowitz stands by André while Tori, Cat, and Jade are doing their scene in class.

Tori Tortures TeacherEdit

  • André claps for Sikowitz when he says that he has been teaching for ten years.
  • Sikowitz sits next to André during the play.
  • André tells Sikowitz he deserves to be taken to the play.
  • André tries to cheer Sikowitz up by saying that he bets whatever he will teach them that day is fantastic.

Terror on Cupcake StreetEdit

  • Sikowitz chooses André to be a part of the parade float.
  • Sikowitz does a funny dance and laughs when he sees André (and Beck) when he sees him in a pair of candy jammies.
  • André asks Sikowitz more about what happened that made him get his driver's license partially suspended.
  • Sikowitz has André (and Tori) do an acting exercise for the class.

Season 3Edit

A Christmas ToriEdit

  • Sikowitz is interested in why André hates Christmas.
  • Sikowitz seems shocked that André got a D on his project.

The Gorilla ClubEdit

  • André goes to Sikowitz's classroom to ask him a question.
  • André sees Sikowitz's pants down and sense that it's not a good time, so he stops asking his question.
  • André wishes Sikowitz good luck.
  • Sikowitz smiles when André enters the room.

Tori and Jade's PlaydateEdit

  • André wants to star in Sikowitz's play and argues with Jade about it.
  • Sikowitz lets André pick a role for the play he's directing.
  • Sikowitz tells André to go take a break during rehearsal, meaning he is satisfied with his performance.

Other ProgramsEdit

IParty with VictoriousEdit

  • Sikowitz attends the party that André throws. HintsEdit

  • Sikowitz has André do a drive by acting exercise for him with Cat.
  • André reminds Sikowitz that the school doesn't offer a criminal justice class.
  • André reminds him that Easter isn't for another 3 months.
  • André tells him that the lyrics that Sikowitz posted, supposedly from a Christmas song, aren't the real lyrics.
  • When Sikowitz mentions that he dropped his harmonica in the men's room toilet, André says he's sorry and offers to tell him where he can get a new one.
  • André mentions that he craves coconut milk but Sikowitz won't share with him.
  • André slapped Sikowitz in his Tell Me that You Love Me video.
  • André posts both of Sikowitz's class drive by exercises on his Slap page.
  • André posted that Sikowitz let him borrow one of his Christmas sweaters to wear to a party (although it was and ugly-sweater contest).

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